How do I Upload, Modify or Remove Documents in Blackboard?

A. The first step to putting up any content in Blackboard is to go to the Control Panel.

B. In the Control Panel, click on the Content Area where you want to put your document. The steps for uploading documents into Course Information, Course Documents, Assignments and Books are the same.

C. Once you have chosen the area, you can Add a new document, or Modify/Remove an existing document.

1. Choose or type a name for your document. If you type a name in, it will overwrite any name you chose in the drop down box. If you want, you can change the font color for your name.

Before you go on, you will need to choose if you want to display the document on the Blackboard page and/or put the document up as a link.

Whatever you type in the text box will be displayed. Leave the option below the text box set to Smart Text unless there are special circumstances (see next section for details).

Smart Text:

  • creates a new paragraph when you hit Enter
  • automatically converts web addresses to hot links
  • interprets basic html formatting tags (click here for basic html tags)

Plain Text:

  • useful if you want to display html coding without having the browser interpret the html


  • useful if you want to use advanced html to display your announcement text
  • also useful if you create an html page in an editor like Front Page or Dreamweaver, then copy and paste the html code here

2. Whatever you upload in the Content Attachments section will appear as a link.

  • File to Attach: browse for and choose the file you want to upload.
  • Name of Link to File: if you leave this blank, the program will display the filename for the link; otherwise you can type your own name for the link.
  • Special Action: leave this as "Create a link to this file" unless you have multimedia or zipped files (FAQ coming soon).

3. If you like you can modify options. The last option might be useful: make the content not visible if you do not want students to see it yet; when you are ready you can go back and Modify the document to make it visible.

4. Click on Submit. You will receive a receipt to confirm your action. If you later decide you want to change or remove the document, choose Modify or Remove in step C above.

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Last revised on February 6, 2003