The mission of the BMCC WAC program is to support the integration of writing into all departments in order to promote student learning. All BMCC students must now take at least one WI course to graduate. WAC faculty offer around 150 different WI courses each semester, all of which are capped at 25 students.

About WAC and WI

Who we are

The BMCC WAC program includes over 100 faculty members in all disciplines and departments who have been trained in WAC pedagogy and who teach Writing Intensive (WI) courses. The program is supported by a team of faculty coordinators and six Writing Fellows who are also Ph.D. candidates at the CUNY Graduate Center.

A short history of Writing Across the Curriculum

Faculty Training

Each semester, we train a cohort of approximately ten faculty members in WAC pedagogy, enabling them to teach WI courses. We are also dedicated to supporting WAC faculty in all departments by offering pedagogical support, consultations on assignment design, and targeted refresher workshops. 

Basic WAC principles

What do Writing Fellows do?

Writing Fellows

Xhuliana Agolli

Sean Griffin

Benjamin Haber

Alice Jones

Joanna Tice

Jing Chang

Faculty Coordinators

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