VAT Program

Video Arts and Technology Program

VAT provides a dynamic hands-on and theoretical education in video, audio, and television production. Career choices include: Scriptwriting; Producing; Directing; Videography; Video Editing; Studio Technology; Audio Technology; Video Graphics; Camera Operator; Sound Designer; Lighting Designer and more. All VAT students complete an internship, arranged through the program, at a professional media facility such as the networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, NYI, ESPN, COURT TV, etc.) or post-production houses. Students earn an AAS degree (Associate in Applied Sciences) and may transfer to a four-year college.

What is it like to study VAT at BMCC?

Students work and study in state-of-the-art facilities including:

Working with a team of professional faculty, students learn the entire process of producing an audio or video project. From writing the script to promoting the final project, students are introduced to every phase of pre-production, production, and post-production of today's digital media. Students produce a TV program in the studio, shoot and edit short video projects, design lighting, graphic, and audio effects, and produce and direct individual scripts. VAT students take a variety of courses and build a foundation of college-level academic skills. Students also obtain an understanding of the theory, history, purpose, and expressive power of the communications media in our culture.
The VAT program is a great way to to begin a career in video, radio, or film. If your interest is in entertainment, journalism, or technology, you can create a program that will meet your needs at BMCC. You earn an AAS degree and the first two years of a four year degree in communications or digital media.

Contact information:
Prof. Phil Weisman
Room N677
199 Chambers Street, NY, NY 10007
Phone: 212-220-8313, email:


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