We are very proud of our fabulous VAT students who attended the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Conference in Las Vegas !
Cherise Burnette
Christina Figeuroa
Claire Egei
Patricia Brown



Bridge of Names

Screening of a feature-film-in-progress
Written and Directed by

BMCC Professor Liz Foley and her partner Peter Hobbs
8:00 pm

The filmmakers and lead actor Robert Postrozny will be on hand
for a Q and A after the screening
Bridge of Names was shot on HD with the Panasonic HVX 200A.

Are you an educator of video and audio arts and technology,
or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
in New York ?  

  You are invited to


A workshop featuring Avid master trainer
Bob Russo
He will lead a hands-on workshop in the following:

Color Correction
Avid Marquee Tool
HD Workflow

Friday, April 27, 2007

Professors Karasek, Noble, Mekonen and Weisman (left to right) traveled to Washington D.C. to report their findings and results after the first year of a three year NSF grant for the VAT program.

The presentation included two video displays, written material and an interactive display of this web-site. Senior Principal Investigator Shari R. Mekonen met with Dr. Gerhard L Salinger, Director of the NSF ATE program. Later we were visited by Prof. Gordon Snyder, our evaluator for the NSF, and the Executive Director of the National Center for Telecommunications Technologies.

The VAT team talked to scores of fellow faculty about our project, answering questions and exchanging experiences. There was time to attend other presentations, sessions and round-tables and to mingle with colleagues during breaks and meals. The conference was bracketed by two excellent plenary speakers. David Wessel, Deputy Bureau Chief, Washington Bureau, The Wall Street Journal, opened the conference with an energetic argument for preserving the nations' economic health by extending training and education to working people. Dr. Branka Minic, Director of Workforce Development, Manpower, Inc. delivered closing remarks analyzing the international workforce and evaluating the impact of immigration and "off-shoring" on American jobs in the future. Both speakers encouraged the conferees to expand the role of Advanced Technological Education in America and to ensure that programs are concurrent with industry needs.

For more photos of the NSF Conference click here.

Prof. Shari Mekonen hosted a presentation by representatives from the Mayor's Office for Film and Television Industries as part of the ongoing series of Colloquia offered to the college by the VAT program. The City of New york has courted the Film Industry since the Koch administration by offering free locations and lots of support to Media Professionsals and Students. After naming some of the extraordinary list of TV shows and films that have been shot in New York City, the officials explained the process for getting different kinds of permits.
Several students asked if permits were absolutely necessary for non-commercial work and spoke of experiences of successfully shooting without a permit. The best advice from the Mayor's office is to have the permit as insurance against questions by police or community members who may be unhappy about the shoot. In the climate of post-911, it is better to be safe than sorry, and most cops become cooperative and helpful after they see that the permit has been obtained.
After the program there were refreshments in Studio A and a reception with faculty and students. For more information about getting permits to make your movie in NYC, contact the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting.
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BMCC students attended the conference as job-seekers and as working journalists. The Job Fair always attracts graduating VAT and MMV students and some alumni as well. This year Latasha John and Shari Rapheal who work in media services, were two alumni who checked out opportunities for advancement. Other students were part of the BMCC OnAir crew that was reporting on the conference for an upcoming segment in the HDTV news magazine. Under the watchful eye of Senior Producer Howard Ellis, the OnAir team conducted many interviews and covered the keynote presentation by James Murphy from Good Morning America .
Mr. Murphy delighted the audience of young journalists and media professionals with his whit and candor, rolling out his life story with lots of anecdotes about politics, international events, newsrooms, and media personalities. He described his life-long love of politics and news, and urged students to become strong writers and good talkers. He was frank about his opposition to the conduct of war in Iraq, but he also pointed out the limited power of the press to affect political change in a society that is saturated with information and disinformation.

The conference is sponsored by the CUNY Office of Media Relations and the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. conference

Prof. Judy Noble greets SMPTE guests at BMCC
The New York Chapter of SMPTE
and Borough of Manhattan Community College present a FREE EVENT:

June 6, 2006
199 Chambers Street – New York City

The conference featured over 38 vendor exhibits displaying the latest in digital editing technology. Students, independent filmmakers, and many media professionals mingled and chatted among the booths, discussing new technology and watching demonstrations by manufacturers of the latest hardware and software. Organizers Robin Schanzenbach (SMPTE and NYU) and Judy Noble (BMCC) were very pleased with the turn-out and with the number of students that browsed the booths and asked questions about the industry.
It was clear from the featured products that the industry is working hard to bring new High Definition technology to the market. From cameras to capture and editing systems, big and small firms alike are rushing to get a position in this new market. Demonstrations by Avid Editing, Sony, Tech Serve, and Kodak were among the vendors showing exciting new products.
Later in the day, BMCC students were joined by curious onlookers and BMCC faculty at a STUDENT FORUM and PANEL DISCUSSION with Guests:
Sheri Brown, Producer, MTV-U
Carol McCoy, Vice President of Operations, Palace Studios
Chuck Roback, Post Production Engineer, PostWorks NYC
Bruce Follmer, Director of Technical Operations, Linda Ellerbee’s Lucky Duck Production
The panelists shared their experiences getting into the film and video business. They talked about working in positions "behind the camera" and gave students some advice for success in a highly competitive environment. There was discussion on the impact of changing technology and new distribution system for younger artists and professionals.
Click here for more photos SMPTE conference 2006

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What did you do with your summer? HIgh School students from Chelsea High School and Summit High School were the first participants in an exciting addition to the Video Arts and Technology Program at BMCC. Funds from the National Science Foundation made it possible to add Introduction to Video Technology, VAT 100 to the courses available through the College Now program, granting high school students 2 college credits for completion of the course. And the program was fun!
When the program was complete, students filled out a survey to evaluate the program. Overall the response was excellent. Click to see the results of the survey and to view the syllabus for VAT 100.
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Blogging, Internet streaming, digital production and DVD authoring are among the most exciting but often confusing new video technologies of our time. In an effort to help high school and college faculty and staff understand and utilize these new developments, BMCC held a 4-day workshop in mid-July. “Navigating the New Video Technologies” gave 19 enthusiastic participants an insight into the science and techniques of digital video while providing hands on experience. Carefully designed to use state-of-the-art and accessible technology, students were able to shoot, edit, author a DVD and upload their video to an Internet site. This imaginative group created a variety of interesting productions including a comedic mock documentary on a mythical film “Restroom” – a movie that mysteriously appears only in public bathrooms throughout New York City. Some of the participants productions can be viewed on the blogsight :

Participating faculty shared their plans to use video in their teaching. They also completed a post-workshop SURVEY.
We want to share our experiences and materials with other educators. You may download the syllabus for the 4-day workshop and use the supporting materials and handouts. To see more photos and get more information about the Faculty Workshops Click Here.
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