GREAT NEWS! The NSF Grant is extended to a Fourth Year
Fourth year funding means that BMCC OnAir can continue to provide great internships in HDTV production and that VAT tutoring continues into Fall 08 and Spring 09.
This summer highschool students can earn college credit studying Video in the College Now program. Start your college career early. When you complete the College Now course, you've already taken the 1st course for Video Arts & Technology majors at BMCC!

What is VAT 171? What happened to VAT150?
Starting this school year the VAT program will be easier to complete and more up-to-date. Students no longer need to choose between an audio and video major. Instead students can graduate after completing 4 production courses and one production elective. Also, students choose between music and art electives, and advanced communication courses. New lessons on HDV have been woven into the curriculum where appropriate. Many updated courses have been given new numbers, but students will find that they will receive credit for all the course they have completed. So,...VAT 150 is now VAT 152.
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Please check the HIgh School Student Page for more details.

BMCC on Air is looking for Fall 08 Interns.
Make a commitment to your future in Broadcasting!

Get great experience working in our HDTV studio and earn credit for an internship. The quality of BMCC OnAir has been praised by Dr. Tony Perez, President of BMCC, and industry professionals. This is an outstanding opportunity to get hands-on training and test the limits of your abilities. Sign up today!
See a promo of the BMCC OnAir news program.

Mission Statement for VAT
Within the next two years stunning advances are expected to take place in the media industry in order to address the national conversion from analog to digital (high definition) television and comply with the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The need to retrain the industry’s technical workforce is critical. The question now is how higher educational institutions will help to meet the need for a competent workforce.

Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), is developing a cohesive digital media program to integrate government mandated and industry-wide high definition and digital technology standards into the curricula and media labs. The BMCC program in Digital Media Technology seeks to enlarge the workforce by actively recruiting women and non-traditional students.
Please click here for a more comprehensive statement on the Program Goals and Objectives.
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