What is Free Tutoring?
You enrolled in the class, why not get an A? Students enrolled in any VAT classes may take advantage of tutoring to improve their grades, catch up on missed classes, or get help with homework. Tutors are advanced VAT students who have been selected for their knowledge of the subject-matter, good communication skills, and for personal qualities of maturity and discretion.
Tutors are called PAA's (Peer Academic Advisors) and they are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, OR by appointment. So, if you know you are going to miss a class, why not set up a tutoring appointment ahead of time? If you got a C- on your last assignment, why not check in with a tutor for an hour and get a ahead of the curve on the next assignment?
Click here to view/print/download the schedule for getting tutoring.
Can I become a VAT Tutor?
judy nobleVAT Tutors are called Peer Academic Advisors. Any VAT or MMV major may apply to work up to 6 hours/week as a PAA. The position pays $15.00/hr. Students must have a GPA of 3.2 and be willing to do some preparation to be effective tutors in VAT subjects.
The PAA program is funded by the NSF-ATE grant (National Science Foundation Advanced Technology Education). This means that students do not work directly for BMCC, but for the CUNY Research Foundation. The process of getting payroll established for a new PAA is very slow, so PLAN AHEAD.
Students who wish be become PAA's should register EARLY for the upcoming semester so that they can arrange a schedule around their upcoming classes. Print out a copy of your transcript and tune up your resume. Download an application and get it to Professor Noble before the end of the current semester.
Click here to view/print/download an Application for PAA
Foreign Students Click Here to see CUNY RF policies for hiring students on F1 visas

Big News from the Students at MASTER CONTROL:
BMCC Launches Live, High Definition, TV Programming

In September of 2006, the Video Arts & Technology program of Borough of Manhattan Community College launched a new television internship to create a regularly-scheduled magazine-format production titled “BMCC On Air.” This program will reflect a wide range of topics highlighting the richness and diversity of the BMCC community, CUNY, and the downtown Manhattan neighborhoods. “BMCC OnAir” will be a video magazine that is both informative and entertaining.

“BMCC On Air” Is an interdisciplinary program: Video Arts and Technology students, Multimedia students and Theatre students will produce the program, design the studio set as well as serve as on-camera hosts. The CED department prepares students for the job and awards 2 credits for an internship to successful students. The interns will operate as a professional production company while they learn the organizational skills needed to complete a regularly scheduled program. Students will attend weekly production meetings to explore ideas, distribute assignments, and plan the work ahead. Studio time will be scheduled on a regular basis with interns filling all crew and talent positions. The capabilities of our new high-definition studio, camcorders, and graphics programs will be fully utilized.

“BMCC On Air” is a unique opportunity for the students at BMCC. Teamwork and professional skills will be developed. Students will mentored as they become familiar with the high definition technology and while they meet intellectual challenges of creating electronic journalism. . Most importantly, students will gain knowledge and experience invaluable to their future professional endeavors.

BMCC OnAir interns click here for Schedules and Notes from Senior Producer, Howard Ellis
Time is Running Out!
For More Information about applying to the BMCC On Air Program contact Prof. Jon Dash During the first week on the semester! Make sure that you qualify to apply for an internship in the upcoming semester. (THE students contact Prof. Dowling) This internship is the completion of CED 371 or CED 345.

Prof. Jon Dash, Chairperson of Cooperative Education
Room N766

Internships at CUNY Media Office:

For information about these internships, you may contact:
Prof. Cynthia Karasek
Dept. of Speech, Communications & Theatre Arts
Room N677
PH: 212-220-8101
FX: 212-748-7467
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