Bar Graphs

How well can you interpret information presented in the form of a bar graph?
Here are two different types of bar graphs. Study them and see if you can answer the questions below.

Per Capita US Consumption of Milk, 1975-95

Source: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, Food Consumption, Prices, and Expenditures, annual.

What two (2) things does graph A tell you more easily than graph B?Ans.
What does graph B tell you more easily?Ans.
What is happening to per capita milk consumption in the U.S.?Ans.
In which year did lowfat milk consumption surpass that of whole milk?Ans.
To figure out how much of each type of milk was consumed in 1975, which graph would be more useful?Ans.

a)List the 1975 quantities:Ans.

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