Welcome to the CUNY Proficiency Examination
Interactive Tutorial

The CUNY Proficiency Examination (CPE) is an exam that all CUNY community college students must pass to graduate. (Senior college students must pass the exam to move to their junior year.) Students should start taking the exam in the semester in which they will reach 45 credits. It must be taken by the time a student reaches 60 credits.

The CPE reflects the types of skills which students need to succeed in college and the workplace. Because the CPE involves the type of reading, writing, and thinking that you do in your regular classes, most CUNY students pass the test.

The CPE is a 3-hour test consisting of:
   TASK 1: Analytic Reading and Writing (2 hours)
   TASK 2: Analyzing and Integrating Information from Graphs and Text (1 hour)

To aid you in preparing for the CPE, BMCC has developed this interactive tutorial. It is one of a number of options the college offers for CPE preparation, and is directed towards those who want a more in-depth approach, or who cannot attend in-person tutoring.

The BMCC CPE Tutorial is divided into the two tasks. Students can take mock exams and/or do separate activities which lead up to a practice exam. Some activities give immediate feedback, and some require students to e-mail their responses to a tutor.

Task 1: Analytic Reading and Writing

Task 2: Analyzing and Integrating Information from Graphs and Text